Principal Desk

Rajeshwar Senior Sec. School

The great saying, "When we all work together, we win together" is very fitting in the context of School Almanac. Education today is no more limited to the four walls of the classrooms alone but students learn from various events both from school and homes as well. Hence there is an increasing need for more cooperation between school and homes. The school Almanac is considered as one of the most effective and important means to link the school with homes. A very sincere and honest attempt has been made in this Almanac, to put together in few pages the overall plan of the school both in the academic and non- academic sphere, in this academic year.

A two way communication is envisaged through this booklet, providing constant feed back of the pupil to the parents and receiving parental response to strengthen the ever important bond between the parents and school. I would like to make a special appeal to all our dear parents to make it a point to go through the pages of this almanac, so that a better understanding is developed between the school and the homes. It is also very important to check the records of your ward in the Almanac, so that you are atoned to the performance of your ward.

We are committed to provide a quality education in this institution and we have left no stones unturned to fix our objectives very clearly at the beginning of the year. We promise that we will make all the possible efforts to implement our plans to achieve our objectives. However, dear parents we appeal to you to strengthen our hands with your cooperation and constant support.

With best regards,


Fr. Jolichan P.J.